Bridge Riddle


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Today for Team work Tuesday we tried something different.Students worked in teams to solve the bridge riddle posted above. It is a great problem solving challenge and students tried their best to find a solution.
Some students had seen the riddle before but couldn’t remember the answer. Others remembered but sat back first and then helped without telling the group the answer straight away. Can you solve the bridge riddle?

Krista 😊

Week 3


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Well done to Room 17 for completing their very first NAPLAN test. Everyone had their best go each day and I am very proud of their efforts.

Rememeber that results from these tests will only give us a snapshot of their learning.

So now that they are over lets get back to business as usual. 😊

  • This week we will be doing Spelling, Daily Dash and Homework Bingo.
  • We will be continuing our Science unit on Night and Day.
  • We will be starting our HASS inquiry working together with our fantatsic librarian Simone and the other Yr 3 classes.
  • We will also have another Team Tuesday Challenge for students to tackle.

Krista 😊

Happy Mother’s Day


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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums, Stepmums, Grandmas and carers. I hope you all had a wonderful day spending time with family x

Week 1


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Due to the shorter week and Naplan next week I am holding off starting some of our normal routines such as spelling,  Daily Dash and Homework Bingo. This is allowing us more time to do some NAPLAN style comprehension and numeracy activities to expose students to the types of questions they will see next week. Hopefully this will take away some of the mystery and lessen any worries some students may be feeling.

For homework i encourage students to read each night and do some studyladder activities if possible

Krista 😊

Term 2


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Welcome back. We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and an enjoyable holiday with family and friends.

Dont forget tomorrow is a Pupil Free Day but we look forward to seeing many bright smiling faces on Tuesday.

We were so proud of the class in Term 1. They worked hard and worked together and made a wonderful start to the year. We look forward to another successful term ahead

See you Tuesday

Krista & Suzy 😊


Enterprise Day


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What a fantatsic afternoon!

Congratulations to all the students in Room 17 & 18 on a hugely successful Sweets Stall.

We sold out of all our products and look forward to finding out how much money we helped to raise for the school.

Students worked hard to organise, make and sell the products and their efforts are to be congratulated. I am very proud of all their hard work.

Thank you again for all the parent support in helping us to make the products, donating ingredients or lending platters and containers. Thank you also to those that were able to come along on the day and support our class by buying a sweet treat. They were delicious.

Krista ☺


A Sweet Success


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All our sweets are now made and ready to sell at Enterprise Day.

A big thank you to Paula, Kelly, Leanne, Deb and Katie for coming in to help our groups make their products. It was noisy, organised chaos lol so your help was really appreciated.

Also thank you to everyone who helped out by sending in food, containers and platters. Anything that wasn’t used or was left over from today has been sent home. I will have all the platters, containers and chocolate moulds washed and ready to send home on Thursday.

Thank you ☺


Week 11 Information


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Wow the last week of Term and we are finishing off with a busy week.

We will be making our Enterprise day sweets tomorrow, between recess and lunch, and then of course Enterprise day on Wednesday.

Due to this busy and short week there will be no spelling words for students to learn this week instead on Tuesday I will be testing them on all the words they have had this term. This will give me insight into who is focusing on the sounds and spelling patterns in their words and creating connections between other words they know with similar patterns. We will also be looking at some NAPLAN style question around spelling as well as reading and Maths. Finally we will also try to squeeze in some Easter activities. Who is exhausted just thinking about it 😁

There will also be no Homework Bingo this week.

Enterprise Day

CLGPS Enterprise Day, Wednesday the 12th of April, 2017.

Room 17&18’s Sweet Stall will be located near the Reade building.

Sales: take place from 12:30pm to 2:00pm only. No ‘early bird’ sales.Students may bring between $5 and $15, depending upon their age. Students will need a shopping bag to carry their purchases – and so may you! Please remember to bring gold and silver coins. Prices will range from 10c to $5. Notes can be changed at the Finance Window between 12:30pm and 1:00pm ONLY.

Canteen: There will be no canteen for either recess or lunch on Enterprise Day.

Parking: In the laneway and on West Parkway (be gone before 3pm); at the Baseball Club car park and walk across the oval; and in the streets surrounding the school. Please be considerate of our neighbours and do not park across or very close to driveways.

Help and questions: See a member of the school staff, all wearing pink high-visibility vests.

First Aid: Available at the School Office.

Toilets for adults: Please use the toilets at the Doolette building. Children’s toilets are for children only.

Catering: There is a coffee van available for adults and the food for the day will include a Sausage sizzle, Sushi, Canadian Poutine, Healthy Wraps, Indian Food and Toasties.

Students will be dismissed at 3.10pm: Please do not take students early, as the class reviews our Enterprise Day from 2.30 to 3:10pm and it is an important part of their learning.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

Last Day of Term

A reminder that school finishes 2.10 this Thursday the 13th of April

It is also a casual day on Thursday for a gold coin donation. If students come in casual clothes, they must have a gold coin. Of course they can still choose to wear school uniform if they prefer.

Newspaper Tower Challenge


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Team work Tuesday this week was another building challenge. Their task was to work together to build the tallest freestanding tower that could support a tennis ball and stand upright long enough to be measured. They had only newspaper, a roll of masking tape and scissors. Students had 30 minutes.

Groups worked quickly to start building a sturdy base and discovered rolling up newspaper helped to make the strongest structure. In the end our two tallest towers that were able to support a tennis ball  in the time given were 100 and 102cm.

Well done everyone ☺


Enterprise Day Update


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We are going to be making our sweets NEXT MONDAY – 10th between Recess and Lunch (11:15 to 1:00). We would love some parent helpers to come and assist us. ( thankyou to those who have said they are available on this day. I hope the this time is ok) It could be for the whole time or just part. We also have the option of doing more on the Tuesday if we need more time or more products. Most of the sweets can be made in the classroom/foyer but we will need some helpers in the staff room.

Thank you to those who have also donated some food and chocolate moulds. So far we have a tin of milo, bag of marshmallows, packet of Tim Tams, popping candy and a block of chocolate. We are still in need of more. So if you are able to donate anything this week that would be greatly appreciated. Then i can see what we have and can purchase anything extra we need on the weekend.

We are also looking for:
*containers with lids to store our sweets in the fridge
*trays to put our sweets on when selling them
If you are able to supply either of these items please ensure names are on them. These items can also be brought to school this week.

Thank you for all your help

Krista ☺

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